Special Keynote Speaker: Dave Lewis

President, SnailWorks, Frederick, MD

It is no small feat to make a talk on the Postal Service interesting and even fun, but somehow Dave Lewis manages to do just that. Dave has spent his career taking innovative new Postal programs and turning them into winning business propositions for marketers. In the process, he co-founded two web based companies – TrackMyMail (which was sold to Pitney Bowes in 2008), and SnailWorks, which he leads today. His specialty is leveraging innovative postal programs to advance direct mail and effectively coordinate it with online marketing.

The Postal Service is doing some amazing things with technology these days, and Dave lives it every day.

Dave is a speaker in the mail and direct marketing industry. He speaks annually at the National Postal Forum, where he is regularly a top-rated speaker, and at industry events across the country. He has had featured articles in Mailing & Systems Technology, DM News, Target Marketing, and was even featured on the cover of Mail Magazine. A nationally recognized expert in all things mail, Dave’s presentations feature practical advice on making marketing work better. Dave has a BA from the University of Maryland.

PowerPoint Presentation PDF: pdfCreating a Successful Informed Delivery Campaign

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Angela Dyer

Manager Business Mailer Support HQ

PCC General Membership/BBQ & Plant Tour Meeting

Sacramento PCC General Membership Meeting – BBQ – Breakout Session – USPS Plant Tour

Informed Delivery – Participating in the Future of Mail

dave lewisSpecial Keynote Speaker: Dave Lewis

President, SnailWorks, Frederick, MD

You invest a lot of money to market your business through the mail. When you send your next offer through the mail, don’t you wish you could be there standing at the mailbox with each prospective customer when they get your mail piece and tell them: “Hey! Look at this great deal!! Take a close look at the great offer we’re making!”

Well, now you can – with Informed Delivery.

Informed Delivery is a USPS program that gives consumers the chance to see what will be in their mailbox every day – before it’s even been delivered. And marketers can use that same platform to create their own campaigns designed to boost the response of their mailings.

On May 17th, Dave Lewis, President of SnailWorks will be giving a presentation about how mailers can work with Informed Delivery to make their mail more effective. Dave has worked with many mailers to create complete Informed Delivery campaigns and will present how you can put this exciting new technology to work today. And, it’s not just advertising mail that can benefit. Invoice mailers have added “Pay Now!” buttons to the Informed Delivery notices, retailers have delivered coupons and more. Dave will go into detail about how to create these campaigns – it’s surprisingly easy! He’ll give you up to the minute information on this important new program.
Dave Lewis has been a mailing industry innovator for decades and has spoken at hundreds of industry events, including the last three National Postal Forums. In fact, he delivered this same presentation at the NPF in San Antonio in May. He is active in industry associations and serves as an industry co-chair on one of the MTAC user groups.

So, don’t miss this opportunity to take a look at the future of mail.

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randy holt 350

Breakout Session: “Full Service & Seamless – The Nuts & Bolts”
Presented by Guest Speaker: Randy Holt, USPS Headquarters, Business Mailer Support Analyst, Mail Entry & Payment Technology

Randy began his Postal career in 1984 and presently is assigned to Postal Headquarters as a Business Mailer Support Analyst within the Mail Entry & Payment Technology group. Randy is domiciled in Sacramento, supporting business mailers and USPS mail entry employees throughout California and Hawaii. His primary responsibilities include Intelligent Mail® and Enterprise Payment.

Randy joined the USPS Technical Speaker’s Bureau in 1995, speaking on a variety of Classification, Pricing, and Intelligent Mail® topics to the mailing industry for over 17 years. He continues to support speaking requests by mailing groups and Postal Customer Councils.


Keynote Speaker: Kai Fisher, USPS Address Management Support Analyst, Senior

Topic: NCOA, ACS, and Green & Secure
Date: Thursday, April 12, 2018
Time: 8:30 a.m.
Location: Sacramento Postmaster’s Conference Room – 2000 Royal Oaks Drive, Sacramento, CA 95813-9998

 kai fisher


Kai Fisher is the Program Manager for the Address Management Product Licensing, CASS™ Certification, NCOALink®, and Move Update Groups at the National Customer Support Center (NCSC) in Memphis, Tennessee.

She joined the NCSC in 2008 as the Program Manager for ACS™ customer support and product development, Change-of-Address, and USPS Undeliverable Mail Forwarding and Processing Programs support. She has held Postal Supervisory positions in Delivery, Computerized Forwarding, Business Mail Entry and Mail Processing Operations as well as Customer Support positions in the Business Services Network.

Kai holds a degree in Human Services Management and is a certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt.

After a tour of duty as a Navy Corpsman, Kai started her 36 year Postal career as a Letter Carrier in Omaha NE. She has 3 grown children, her daughter Clara is a PHD Candidate of German and German Literature at Vanderbilt University, Alex is a Rural Carrier in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and Neal is employed by Federal Express in Memphis TN.

PowerPoint Presentation PDF: Choosing the Best Move Update Method

Presented by Dr. Janet Lockhart-Jones, Pitney Bowes

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