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May 25, 2022

PCC Barbecue & Plant Tour

Keynote Speaker:

Ghais Suliman, USPS Product Management Specialist, New Solutions

Ghais Suliman is a USPS Product Management Specialist, New Solutions. The New Solutions team supports the Postal Service’s commitment to growing the mailing industry in the 21st century through bold innovations that enhance the value of mail. Ghais currently works on developing new solutions that streamline the promotions participation process for both customers and USPS. 

Featured Speaker:

Morgan DiGiorgio, Senior Vice President Sales for DirectMail2.0

Morgan DiGiorgio is the Senior Vice President Sales for DirectMail2.0 that specializes in direct mail digital integration and the utilization of technologies that increase direct mail response rates and drive ROI on marketing spend. She has 18 years of professional experience in various business sectors where she was positioned in ownership and leadership roles in business development, operations, marketing, and sales including Co-Founder of a medical based technology company. Morgan has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Management from the University of Florida and is a subject matter expert for marketing solutions that drive results.